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MATLIT-RIT Summer School 2019


The MATLIT-RIT Summer School is the outcome of a partnership between the PhD Program in Materialities of Literature at the University of Coimbra and the Department of English at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The first MATLIT-RIT Summer School took place in July 2017 (3-9). The second MATLIT-RIT Summer School is scheduled for June 2019 (3-9). The course is taught by students from the PhD Program in Materialities of Literature (under the coordination of the Program Director, Prof. Manuel Portela). It is addressed to BA students from the Rochester Institute of Technology (under the coordination of Profs. Trent Hergenrader and Robert Glick). The course is structured into four modules, one for each day, covering different perspectives on the intersections between literature and digital mediation. It is designed as an introduction to the research topics of the Coimbra PhD Program in ways that are useful for the scholarly and creative practices of RIT students.

Course structure
Module 1: ReCodex (Ana Sabino and Rui Silva)
Module 2: Ex Machina 1 (Ana Albuquerque e Aguilar)
Module 3: Ex Machina 2 (Mariana Chinellato)
Module 4: Vox Media (Tiago Schwäbl)

MATLIT-RIT Summer School 2019 (detailed syllabus) [PDF].

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