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Conferência sobre NetProv por Rob Wittig


Cartaz de Tiago Santos.

No próximo dia 3 de março de 2016 (quinta-feira), no Instituto de Estudos Brasileiros (5º piso, FLUC), às 14h30, tem lugar a conferência “What World Are You From? Transmedia Roots of Netprov” por Rob Wittig, organizada pelo Programa de Doutoramento FCT em Materialidades da Literatura. Rob Wittig é professor nos Departamentos de Arte e Design e de Estudos de Escrita da Universidade de Minnesota, Duluth:

Rob Wittig plays at the crossroads of literature, graphic design and digital culture. A Silicon Valley native, he co-founded the legendary IN.S.OMNIA electronic bulletin board with the Surrealist-style literary and art group Invisible Seattle.  From this came a Fulbright grant to study the writing and graphic design of electronic literature with philosopher Jacques Derrida in Paris. Rob’s book based on that work, “Invisible Rendezvous,” was published Wesleyan University Press. He then embarked on a series of illustrated and designed email and web fictions. Alongside his creative projects, Rob has worked in major publishing and graphic design firms in Chicago, leading Research & Development teams.  In 2011 Rob earned an Master’s in Digital Culture (equivalent to a US MFA) at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is currently developing high-design, collaborative fiction in a form called netprov, networked improv narrative. Rob is Assistant professor in the Art & Design and Writing Studies departments of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Rob directs Meanwhile… Netprov Studio,  along with Mark C. Marino.


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