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Seminário por Stephen Wilson



Stephen Wilson, professor do Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos Americanos da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra, lecionará um seminário intitulado «Roads Not Taken: The Penguin Modern and Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry», no próximo dia 15 de novembro de 2013, pelas 11h00, na Sala Jorge de Faria (5º piso, FLUC). Este seminário é uma organização conjunta do Programa de Doutoramento em Materialidades da Literatura e do Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos Americanos. As inscrições para a sessão serão limitadas, podendo os interessados inscrever-se pelo correio eletrónico do programa em Materialidades da Literatura:

Resumo do seminário

The Penguin Modern Poets (PMP) was a series that appeared between 1962 and 1975, its aim, according to the blurb of Penguin Modern Poets 1, was “to introduce contemporary poetry to the general reader by publishing some thirty poems by each of three modern poets in a single volume.” To this end twenty-seven volumes were published over thirteen years: approximately 2000 poems by 81 poets. The volumes are a mixed bag in every sense, not least in terms of quality; the series includes American, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh poets from disparate schools and movements and it is difficult to induce anything in the way of an coherent editorial policy or intention (other than a commitment to plurality) – even the term ‘contemporary’ proves somewhat elastic. Now widely regarded as a period piece the series is best remembered for its remarkable, if short-lived,  popular and commercial success. All the original volumes are now out of print but second-hand copies are widely and cheaply available. My contention is that the series was – and is – more than just a curiosity of literary history or a piece of 1960s memorabilia. Rather, the Penguin Modern Poets series, read as the conjunction of a concrete set of publishing practices and wider literary, cultural and social trends and movements, should be seen as marking an epoch in the history of English-language poetry in the second-half of the twentieth century; as such it is yet to be adequately chronicled, or fully understood, and it continues to be a significant presence – and sometimes a more significant absence – in the domain of Anglo-American poetry.

Doutorado pelo Trinity College Dublin, Stephen Wilson é especialista em teoria da literatura, estudos americanos e estudos anglo-irlandeses. Entre os seus ensaios destacam-se os que dedicou à cultura popular norte-americana, a Gore Vidal (por exemplo, «The Inside Man», Dublin Review of Books, 2012) e a Ezra Pound (por exemplo, «The Modernist Volcano» Dublin Review of Books, 2012). Foi um dos organizadores da 25th Ezra Pound International Conference, realizada no Trinity College Dublin, em julho de 2013. Tem em preparação uma obra sobre Ezra Pound e a história americana.

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